Harvey Skoog for Prescott Valley Mayor

Prescott Valley Tomorrow

What is coming?


  • Medical services are on the increase—more physicians, added medical specialties, expanded dental services, and further development of the hospital.

  • Job opportunities are increasing. Some new companies with quite definite plans include Wal-Mart, which should start to scratch dirt quite soon. Also coming in the early part of the year are Tractor Supply Company and Culver’s Restaurant. From these companies, we expect the creation of 200 to 300 new jobs.

  • Schools, both public and charter, are offering expanded education opportunities and are now including dual education. Also, four-year university degrees are available right here in Prescott Valley—plus, NCU, which offers online degrees all the way to PhD.  

  • Air and water quality and conservation will remain high on our list of concerns. We are in the process of building a series of ponds to recharge reclaimed water.


Thank you, Community, Thank you, Staff, Thank you, Council. You have all helped to make Prescott Valley better! Thank you again!


Harvey C. Skoog, Mayor

Prescott Valley, Arizona

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